toxic shock is real

On February 20th, 2013 (3 years ago today) I woke in the middle of the night with severe flu like symptoms and vertigo.  I remember barely being able to walk to the bathroom without falling over (I am pretty sure I crawled there).   I was sure it was just the flu and spent the … [Read more…]

gluten free kid

I remember hearing about people who were gluten free. I used to think “that would never be me”, not in a judging way I swear (okay maybe there was just a little judgement). I just never thought I could.  I should have just slapped myself right then. When my oldest son Miles was 2, he used … [Read more…]

micro-dates explained

Okay people, it’s FRIDAY!!! What do you have planned with your significant other this weekend?  If your answer is “nothing”, than have no fear for I am here to save the day! Mirco-dates explained: We can’t always justify a weekly date night (babysitting is not cheap these days and finding a good babysitter is never … [Read more…]

different is okay

I’ve listened to David Bowie in the car or at home with my kids, but I’ve never specifically introduced them to his music.  With his passing, however cliche it seems, I felt it important to tell them about him and literally listen to his music all day long.  I showed them pictures, videos and we … [Read more…]

road trippin’

My husband and I recently figured out that we have driven over 12,000 miles of road trips with our children. Yes, we ARE crazy. We’ve driven in snow, rain, sleet and of course glorious sunshine.  I would be lying if I said every road trip was fun and without it’s fair share of drama.  On … [Read more…]

neat freak

Okay fine, maybe “neat freak” is a little harsh or rude, but I am talking about myself and aren’t we all usually hardest on ourselves?  In all honesty I love being a neat freak, almost as much as I love to clean. Ha! See what I did there? I can’t go to bed at night … [Read more…]

“mommy look at me”

With the holidays now in full swing, kids out of school and the sudden need to purchase more than you do all year, I think I might just be losing my mind… Have you ever tried to just squeeze out that last email, “real quick” or run to the store “for just a minute”?  Only … [Read more…]