“mommy look at me”

With the holidays now in full swing, kids out of school and the sudden need to purchase more than you do all year, I think I might just be losing my mind…

Have you ever tried to just squeeze out that last email, “real quick” or run to the store “for just a minute”?  Only to be interrupted 5,000 times by your kid saying “mommy look”, “mommy watch”, “mommy, mommy mommy”.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys (we all do, right?), but sometimes you kinda just lose your mind trying to get one simple task done.

I brought my little to the store with me recently.  He literally talked the ENTIRE time we were there (1 hour and 30 mins total). For the first 30 mins or so it was incredibly cute and I was very entertained.  Once I realized that we had almost all of the shopping left to do and I wasn’t able to concentrate on a single purchase with out being interrupted to look at him moving his leg one inch further than it was when he asked me to look (and I obliged) the previous time.  I am pretty sure I ran through the full gamut of emotions on that trip.  At one point I envisioned myself giving up entirely and opening up a bottle of wine in one of the aisle.  Shortly after I went into hysterical laughter, I may have even cried.

We made it through the trip together with both of us happy in the end.  I even bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t want and braved judging stares from other people for ignoring my kid.  For those that judged, all I can say is, you don’t even know.  I would like to see you try to be attentive and listen for an hour and 30 mins straight, while trying to also complete other tasks.  For other moms and dads out there who have been in my exact position, all I can say is I feel you! Good job for not losing your shit (yes I said shit) and honestly even if you did, I don’t judge.

And in summary, that is why I love Amazon, Farm Hill and Instacart. Remaining a sane mother while working in the Bay Area could not be possible without them. Amen.


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