neat freak

Okay fine, maybe “neat freak” is a little harsh or rude, but I am talking about myself and aren’t we all usually hardest on ourselves?  In all honesty I love being a neat freak, almost as much as I love to clean. Ha! See what I did there?

I can’t go to bed at night with a messy house or sit and relax on my couch if my kitchen is dirty. It’s just not in me.  If I am a guest at your house I will likely help you clean up or just straight-up start cleaning random things. I can not help myself and I am not ashamed.  I know there are people like me out there. Or maybe you’re not a neat freak but wish you were.  I can guide you down the tidy clean path of neat-freakism (is that even a thing?).

My biggest struggle has been learning how to just let things go. If my kids leave their room messy my husband has to remind me that it’s their space and let them care for it themselves. That is until I step on a lego and bruise my foot.  Then I tell them to get up and put that shit away…


The key to having a “tidy” neat freakish house is always having a place for things and actually putting them there.  Hooks for backpacks and jackets, baskets for shoes, a place for all that mail and the MILLIONS of papers your kids bring home from school, etc.

We don’t have a house cleaner (I sometimes wish we did), but it’s not in our budget.  So that means the majority of the cleaning falls on me. I give my boys some weekly chores to help me out and my hubby helps too.  For most of my house I try to use all natural products.  Some of my favorites are:

However for the bathroom, I just can’t. Seeing as my kids seem to pee everywhere but IN the toilet. I open the bathroom window, put on some gloves, tie a bandana over my nose and mouth and bleach the shit (some times literally) out of the toilet, area around the toilet, and bath tub.

One last thing, if you want to trick people into thinking your house is super-clean, this stuff is the bee’s-knees: Mrs. Meyer’s Room Freshener. If you don’t like lavender there are plenty of other scents to chose from.

Happy cleaning!


  1. JULIE

    I appreciate your neat freak. I used to be such a good little neat freak myself. But now…..dude now you can never come over my house. The Shame 🙁

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