micro-dates explained


Okay people, it’s FRIDAY!!! What do you have planned with your significant other this weekend?  If your answer is “nothing”, than have no fear for I am here to save the day! Mirco-dates explained:

We can’t always justify a weekly date night (babysitting is not cheap these days and finding a good babysitter is never easy).  For the longest time, we just didn’t go out together, except maybe a few times a year.  While we have a strong relationship and have been married for almost 8 years, not being able to talk to each other without being interrupted 500 times can wear you down. Some times you need to just sit down together, no TV, no phones (I am admittedly bad at that part) and have what my hubs and I call a “micro-date”.  We’ve had many of them now and it’s always entertaining and refreshing.

What you need:

  1. Put on a movie for your kids or start the micro-date after bed time (we have done both, I prefer after kids go to bed).

  2. Grab a nice bottle of wine or beer, or if you don’t drink, make a yummy “mock-tail” or maybe some sort of snack to share.

  3. Choose a board game or other fun activity, Scrabble is our current obsession. Movies don’t count, the point is to actually interact with each other.  We also like to have some sort of music in the background, because we pretty much always do.

  4. Take a quick selfie, obviously, and then put your phones face down on the table or in the other room.

  5. Let the micro-date begin!

Try to do this at least twice a month. You will thank me later.



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