i’m not funny

I’m not funny. Funny things just happen around me. Or maybe I am just easily amused. As a mother of two kids, I find it almost impossible to not notice the ridiculous things that are constantly happening.

That said, this blog is not about being funny, or being a mom, or anything really for that matter. However, seeing as I am a working mom of two boys, a dog mom, a wife, and a neat freak, this blog will likely contain echoes of whatever madness my daily life entails.

As a side note, I am not cool, sorta just your average feisty 5’1″, vertically challenged lady. I am not the person to give fashion advice or home decorating tips (but I can tell you how to keep things tidy and looking good, enough to make your friends slightly hate you).

I am however,  the mom whose kid just yelled, “I have to poo” and ran away from the bathroom, around the entire house in a total panic. Lord have mercy child! If you have to go, the bathroom is the place to be. He’ll figure it out someday, I hope.

I am also the mom, crazy enough to take my 11 month old camping and am always up for an adventure, especially if it involves the great outdoors.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope the imperfect chaos of my life either makes you laugh, provides you with a few minutes of entertainment or whatever it is you’re looking for.


photo of erin